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11 Coleman Parade

Glen Waverley Vic 3150


Clippers Grooming provides the following to all our clients:

De-matting & Clipping

Carefully splitting knots to de-matt. Pet's hair clipped  to required length suited to pet and owner.


Grooming of thick & dead hair removed. Thinned out so you can run a comb through easily.


Ears will be cleaned and plucked for specific breeds.


Clip the nails with good quality nail clippers and filed on the front to prevent harsh scratching on your legs or children's faces.
Ask about our Soft Paw applications.


Specific to your dogs skin and coat.
Why not add a conditioning treatment?

Flea Rinse

Only if fleas are detected or requested by owner

Anal Glands

Only as required.

Blow Drying

All dogs are thoroughly dried before leaving our salon. No dogs leave wet or damp.

Finishing Off & All Trimming Up

All scissor work  neat and tidy.

Carding and De-Shedding

We can help by carding the short coat which helps reduce the dropping of constant hair.